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Trek Snowflakes

That's right - Star Trek snowflakes. I was inspired by Wil Wheaton's twitter where he posted Star Wars snowflakes that someone had made pattterns for. I was determined to go one better. So here we are! I made 2 insignia (command and science), a vulcan salute hand, and a GORN before I ran out of steam last night. Enjoy!

I copied these directly from a blown-up image of Kirk and Spock.

The thumb is kind of cut-off, but by that time I couldn't be bothered.


THE GORN. Man, this took me so long. I was making these with only a giant pair of kitchen scissors, a pair of kiddie scissors, and a really dull paring knife. These are not the best tools for snowflake-making of this complexity.


Here he is in all his glory!
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